Dress Codes

No Hats No Hoods

  • All students will be modestly dressed and groomed so as not to unreasonably distract the attention of others, or to cause disruption of or interfere with the educational process or orderly operation of the school.

  • Vulgar or inappropriate printing or logos on clothing is prohibited.

  • Sunglasses, hats, hoods, or caps are not to be worn inside the building.

  • Pants should be fitted or secured at the waist with a belt.

  • Students should wear shoes that are appropriate for P.E. Tennis/athletic shoes are recommended. In P.E. students who choose not to wear athletic shoes will be expected to sit out of the activity. During recess, students who choose not to wear tennis/athletic shoes will be allowed to walk the perimeter, or visit with friends, however they will not be allowed to run, shoot hoops, or climb the equipment.

Dress Code Policies

*Additional Dress Code Policies can be found at Carteret County School Policies and Procedures.